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Women Swingers

Women Swingers

The role of women in the society has greatly changed over the past several decades. These changes have also impacted on the movements in woman’s sexuality. In the past there have been very few women who enter into swinging lifestyles. This is because single women simply want long lasting and loving relationships. Also bisexual relationships could not be exposed to the public because of the view within the society.

Even thought that is the case, the numbers of women seeking swinging lifestyles has been on a steady increase over the past 5 years. Sexual and social boldness on the part of women at swinging parties and other swinging activities is not only acceptable, but it has become expected.

Most swinging women are working class women in their mid 20’s to 30’s who are financially independent and have stable jobs. They do not need to get married and be supported by men. Combining this and constant changes in the trend, the view on bisexuality has also changed. Law has changed to allow marriage of women to women. There ways of expression in sexuality has changed. Many women are not afraid to admit that they are bisexual. They also enjoy the sexual heights that it brings to them.

Swinging lifestyles has brought many women an environment to alter sex-role playing and allowing them to participate with a uniquely human experience.

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